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<% Call FormatTopTable("100%") %> The Basics of Selling on eBay (1 Day Workshop)
Location: DOA Training Suite, New Forge Lane Belfast
Date: Saturday 12 May  2007: 9.30 - 4.30
Cost: 45.00

Have a professional teach you the right way to sell on eBay!
Training delivered by Education Specialists uses the most up-to-date training and student materials... the same ones used by eBay University. Learn to make the most of eBay to increase your revenue. The training will teach you how to:

Do research and create Listings that will attract buyers
Enhance listings with better descriptions and photography.
Set pricing that will maximize your profits
Open and use a PayPal account to simplify getting paid
Monitor sales to know exactly what's working and what's not
Avoid many of the costly mistakes that most new eBay sellers may make

Successful students completing the course will be awarded a Certificate of Competence.

eBay for the Small Business (2 x 1 Day Workshops)

Location: DOA Training Suite, New Forge Lane Belfast
Date: Saturday 19 and 26 May  2007: 9.30 - 4.30
Cost: 135.00 (includes VAT)

This course is designed for anyone who wants to start an eBay business. Whether you want to integrate an existing company with an eBay account or want to start a business from scratch, this course will lead you step by step from the basics of registering with eBay to running your own online store.
You will learn how to research and prepare an eBay business plan; establish an effective inventory system and equip your eBay office; successfully employ different auction strategies; promote your products with imaginative descriptions, professional photographs, and well presented listings.
You will also learn to manage and schedule multiple auction listings; effective pricing strategies; use multiple selling channels; determine and list detailed Terms of Service; discover how to pack and ship merchandise securely and follow up with feedback. You will be guided through the details of working with third party auction software and payment gateways. You will investigate the advanced use of PayPal. You will also learn to keep your eBay business legal, fulfil tax requirements and how to protect yourself from fraud and resolve disputes.
Successful students completing the course will be awarded a Certificate of Competence.

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